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"The whole banana thing was Simon's idea.' - Lou Reed








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MLR and The Shakey Milks join forces to bring you MUNI, an ode to San Francisco's amazing public transit.


Monica's Living Room

Often called "the greatest band that never really did anything special" MLR has toured the northwest with their signature "hip-copuntry" or "tip-humptry" sound.  A little rock n' roll?  A little country?  A little acid?  You decide.

Hold my Elbow - All New!

Cocktails Anyone?

Two Bridges

Conquistadors at the Doorstep

Monica's Living Room (Vol 1)

Hank Williams "T" Ribute

B Sides and Covers


Simon Donovan

Rockin', Rollin' and generally slidin' along with ten little pieces of concrete.

Song Catalog Submission

Ten Finger Favorites

12 Days of Christmas


The Shakey Milks

Grow Roots, the latest album, is available on CDBaby This kids rock band now has their own website.  Also search for them on CD Baby!  But if you simply don't want to fork over cash for music, well, Click Here here and download the stuff for free.


Memé recorded a song when she visited our studios.  Check it out.

I'll Be Seeing You


Simon & The Charfunkles

Simon joined forces with his big brother and Neal, Yvette and Martine.

Charfunkles 09

Charfunkles 07

Charfunkles 05

Charfunkles 03


Martine Donovan

Saved and other tunes



Voice Training


God Finger






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Zen QuestionIs it pretentious to have a web site with your name, dedicated to your music and celebrating all the stuff you create?

Zen Answer:  Yes.  But only if you tell people about it.

Dec Dash

Stories and songs from the new duo in slapstick comedy and family fun.

Dec Dash Home Page


Mia and Natalie light up an Oasis tune.